Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sometimes it rains...Pennies from Heaven

After my oil change debacle, I have to say, I was feeling pretty bad. So, I’m checking my mail and, what do I discover??? A $50.00 refund check from a class that I had taken. A few days later, actually today, a check for $6.00 from an online survey came in the mail as well. Yipee!! It’s raining money!!

It is always nice when some unexpected, or almost forgotten funds come your way. The trick is to not let it burn a hole in your pocket. I find that in cases like this, the faster the better. Deposit the money fast! Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

When little snowflakes come in, spend them on paper first. Decide what bill needs to be paid, which savings account can be boosted -- or even a little of both. The quicker you decide on a place for the funds, the less likely you will be to spend the funds on other things.
What do you do with unexpected funds? Treat yourself? Save? Both?
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CelticBuffy said...

Unfortunately I've done a lot of "treating" and not near enough saving.

Budget Mama said...

I'm trying to adopt a rule of putting a small percent towards a little freedom (maybe 5 or 10%) a certain percentage to the emergency fund (5-10%) and the rest to debt.

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