Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good Morning, Murphy!

Well, I knew it had to happen eventually. For you Dave Ramsey followers and fans, Murphy paid me a visit. I went to take my 1998 car in for an oil change because the oil light was coming on. It wasn’t glaring, but it popped on and off the same way your gaslight comes on when you’re juuuust about on “E.” Anywho, I took my car in and the mechanic tells me that my car is leaking oil and the short version is, it’s going to cost me 74.99 to have it fixed. That is of course, if I want to save my engine. Oh, and my tires are really bad.... And so are my windshield wipers.... And, I should also get an engine flush, which is another 50.00. At this point, I saw his lips still moving, but I was focusing less on his words and more on trying not to pass out.

Being the frugal minded shopper I am, I trotted in the shop that morning on top of the world because, I discovered on the back of an old grocery store register tape, a coupon for an oil change service. Instead of being 21.95, I was ready, willing and happy to pay 16.95. I left paying 19.95 (my car took a slighter larger oil filter) and feeling crappy about my poor car.

Just when I lined up a snowflake on my debt snowball, it seems all of my funds are going to have to be used. Sigh. It can be really discouraging to take one step forward and two steps back. I guess the only thing I can do is keep putting one penny in front of the other. How do you avoid becoming too discouraged while clawing your way out of debt and growing your savings ?
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Stephanie said...

Interesting blog..

Yes I am a Penn State Grad :) so is my husband

Average American Family said...

Ah, yes...Murphy. He's a close, personal friend of ours. We know him TOO well around here. Sorry about the repairs...that stinks.

Budget Mama said...

I know how you feel. Some lights came on in my car and I already can see the $500 repair tag. I'm not ready for this amount of money, but I have to just keep on plugging away and chipping away at the debt. $1 dollar at a time.

It's like you said, just focus on putting one penny in front of the other. said...

I'm so glad I'm married to an automotive technician. I can't even begin to count how much money he saves us.

BTW, PSU grad here too!

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